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Salerno Port Authority was instituted with D.P.R. June 23, 2000 with reference to the Law 84/94 and

With D.P.C.M. on 01/11/2017 (G.U. Series Genral no. 75 of 03/30/2017) it was established to maintan the financial and administrative autonomy of Salerno Port Authority until 12/31/2017.  

The Port Authority’s competences, defined by the Law 84/94, are the following:

  • direction, programming, coordination, promotion and control of port operations in accordance with art.16, par. 1, and other commercial and industrial activities conducted in the ports with regulations and control including the safety and the hygienic work conditions;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the common or shared parts of the port area, including the maintenance of the seabed;
  • granting and control of the activities related to the supply by payment to port users of general services;
  • regulation and control of port operations such as unloading, handling, storage, and general movement of goods and other materials practised within the port area;
  • granting and allocation of state areas, quays, various equipment and buildings reserved to the port activities.

The Port Authority, then, carries out administrative tasks of management of the port areas, but it is also engaged to the promotion of the ports of its competence. In this context, considering the specific tourist vocations of a meaningful part of the port structures in a city, it is engaged to promote activities connected to the nautical yachting, shipbuilding industry and sector equipment.

The Port Authority has a legal status of public law and has administrative, budgetary and financial autonomy in accordance with Law 84/94. The property and financial management is regulated by administration and accounting regulations approved by the Ministry of Transport.

Salerno Port Authority has jurisdiction on an area that includes the commercial Port, the "Masuccio Salernitano" Marina and the outside line coast to the Manfredi Pier facing the S.Teresa beach.