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Salerno represents an important berthing point for the maritime link network between the tourist resort of Amalfi and Cilento coast. The “Sea Ways” project is developing and it is increasing the tourism both in Salerno and in Campania thanks to the work of the local administration, Region, Province and coastal municipal districts. The ferries and the hydrofoils, used for this service, call at the Manfredi Pier, in the commercial Port, and at the external pier of the ”Masuccio Salernitano” marina.

From march to november there are maritime links with Amalfi coast (landing to Amalfi and Positano) the islands (Capri and Ischia) Sorrento coast (landing from Sorrento to Bacoli) and Cilento coast (landing from Agropoli to Sapri) are on duty.


For information on the schedule of the Sea Ways 2018 consult the Web sites of the following shipping companies:


The "Punti Mare"

Salerno Port Authority has fitted out the so called “Punti Mare” to develop the tourist port facilities of Salerno; these two useful terminals are located one on the Manfredi Pier and one in the “Masuccio Salernitano” Marina.