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Fishing Fleet

Main characteristics of the fishing fleet in Salerno

The fishing fleet of the region is characterized by a very craftmade structure. The great part of the fleet consists, in fact, of small boats exercising small-scale fishery whose landings are mostly made up of high valued fishes. Landings are almost totally destined to the fresh fish consumption and it is destined to the local ichthyic market.

The fleet is distributed among 15 ports where the Maritime Enrolment Offices of Salerno reside.

Flotta peschereccia

The Maritime Enrolment Office of Salerno is the most important of the region for both numerousness and capacity. The whole fleet was made up of n. 571 boats equivalent to a 7,449 of gross tonnage, it represents nearly half the boats and over 60% tonnage present in the regional environment. A large number of enrolled bottom trawlers and the presence of tuna fleet influence the dimensional mean values of the boats based in Salerno, it is clearly higher compared with the other regional boats. The Enrolment fishing boats mean tonnage is equal to 13 tsl and the driving power amount to 43.6 Kw (tuna fleet excluded).

IREPA - Institute for Economic Research in Fishery and Aquaculture