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Consolidation of West Trapezio Pier and Trapezio Pier head

This work is part of Grande Progetto "Ports and Logistics. Salerno Port Integrated System".
The consolidation of West Trapezio Pier (380 meters length) and Trapezio Pier head (100 meters length) was carried out either to complete the quays functional adjustement under the structural point of view, in order to absorb the damages deriving by greater accidental overloads, according to what prescribed by the current law or to allow the seabed deepening, through dredging activities, to a greater depth than the current quay walls base quote; all this, similar to and in continuation with what already built for the Manfredi Pier head.

Consolidation of East Trapezio Pier and of Manfredi Pier head

The work, which regarded the whole quay front of the East Trapezio Pier of 380 meters length, the Manfredi Pier head for about 151 meters and half of the Ligea Quay (a 123 meters length portion, starting from the root corner of the Trapezio Pier), is preliminary to the next seabed dredging up to 15 meters depth.

The consolidation framework is made of vertical bulkheads composed of metal tube – shaped poles of big diameter (main elements), alternated to metal sheet piles with zeta – shaped profile, which close the main elements.

The total estimated expense of the work is of 27,6 Million Euros.

The consolidation works of the East Trapezio Pier, which represents the main quay of the port of Salerno devoted to container traffic, were completed in December 2011; the last works related to Ligea Quay (1st part) and to Manfredi Pier, respectivly completed in june and in december 2013.

The particular and specific context conditions, both geotechnical and structural, have requested the execution of specific geognostic surveys and specialist studies, also main subject of scientific publications, that brought to the identification of a technical solution that can be also used in the consolidation of other quays of the commercial port; thus permitting the realization of dredging works, foreseen by the current plans.

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Manfredi Pier extension and consolidation of 3 Gennaio Pier head

The work, completed in december 2013, provided the 180 meters extension of the Manfredi Pier, in order to obtain a berth of 350 meters total length, useful to the berthing of modern cruise ships, built according to the new performance standards, facing the passengers terminal under construction, designed by arch. Zaha Hadid and functionally connected with it.

The extension has been achieved thanks to metal bulkheads (“cofferdam”) mutually bound through anchorage horizontal bars. The between bulkheads filling is made of selected dry quarry material.

The consolidation of 3 Gennaio Pier head, completed in november 2014, that has a plan development of about 66 meters, according to its structure has been accomplished quite similarly to the consolidation work of East Trapezio Pier. This structure allows to keep the quay as it is, so that the dredging at a bigger depth can be carried out and so that it can absorb the damages deriving by greater accidental overloads, according to what prescribed by the current law. It is formed by a vertical bulkhead, fixed very near to the existing quay, bound by the head through anchorage tie-beams, composed of metal tube – shaped poles of big diameter (main elements), alternated to metal sheet piles with zeta – shaped profile, which close the main elements.

The project includes all the technological plants necessary to the safe use of the infrastructures.

The total estimated expense of this work is of 15,4 Million Euros.

Works have been delivered in March 2013 and should end within the first months of 2014.

New “Briccole” at Ponente Pier

The work, completed in august 2015, consisted in creating a berthing and mooring system for Ro-Ro e Ro/Pax vessels at the inner breakwater, berths nn. 25 and 26, next to the “briccole” already built in June 2006. This further mooring will allow new Ro-Ro e Ro/Pax lines to start and improve the efficiency of such connections.

The plan has provided the building of 5 “briccole”, each with only one pole of big diameter, connected to the existing quay through reticular steel gangways, the widening of the existing quay and the building of a new openwork quay so to have a three-lane way and a jutting-out wall on poles as well, the refurbishment of the existing quay planking level, the installation of a headlight holder tower and the achievement of the plants.

he total estimated expense of this work is of 7,5 Million Euros.

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Port lighting system adjustment and upgrading

The intervention has been completed in December 2009.
The new lighting system of the Port of Salerno includes n. 39 light towers they are 35 m height above ground, in place of the n. 25 light towers of about 20 m height above ground.
A Tele-management system was also built for the centralized Tele-control of switchboards, electrical equipment and Tele-diagnostics of every single lamp.
Works produced significant lighting improvements with greater security in the performance of Port activities.

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Works of the protection at the Port St. Teresa

The intervention was inaugurated in July 2009, it aims to protect the existing quay from waves  motions and it aims to ensure greater security to the activities in the sheet of water.
The work essentially consists of a breakwater protected by natural reefs and a concrete wall coping, and it is congruent with the next construction of "the new marina of St. Teresa", as provided in the operative Municipal Town Planning Scheme.
The project was included in the "Development Plan for the Rationalization of Tourist Port and Maritime Transport System in Salerno area" it was object of  the Agreement of Understanding of February 14 2003 drawn up among Campania Region, Municipality of Salerno and Salerno Port Authority.

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Realization of the port road system and implementation of security infrastructures

The project provides the realization of the road network reorganization inside and outside the Port of Salerno, through a new road network drawing on the adjacent via Ligea.
Besides the general mobility improvement, the landscape scenery is also enriched with a colonnade of palm species "Washingtonia Robusta" planted along the median of via Ligea.
Works, completed in September 2009, are also preparatory to the planned infrastructural security intervention, in harmony with prescriptions contained in the Port Security Plan.

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In 2001, Salerno Port Authority approved the first “Triennial Operating Plan 2002-2004” in which port development programmes were shown, in terms of articulation and growth of traffics, re-organisation of various port activities, as well as, infrastructural repair works.

Salerno Port Authority has then started its activity as a contractor, investing its own financial resources and those assigned by State and by the local government for the works carrying out.

The dredging works of the port basin represent one of the main successes of the Port Authority. This operation, authorized by a decree of the Ministry of the Environment, has consisted in the excavation of about 1 million of cubic metres of sand. A trailing suction hopper dredger has performed it with a 12,500 cubic metres capacity and with 168 metres length. In April 2004, the work started and finished in only 8 weeks. The sea bed has been dredged to new depths of about one metre, in order to allow last generation cargo and cruises ships to enter in the port.

The Port Authority is putting into practice a programme of extraordinary maintenance works of yard paving of quays and roads that, in the course of the years, have sunk of many centimetres.

The Port Authority has worked out a new plan for the port system, in order to make the circulation inside and near the port safer and more flowing. This new road system is being gradually activated and includes roads outside the port limits where the Port Authority has installed a new traffic system, in agreement with the local government.

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In order to grant berths to the new ferryboats belonging to the so-called “Motorways of the Sea” lines, the Port Authority has built several briccole on the West Quay, and a pontoon that for some months has been acting as a "floating quay". A wharf has been installed too, for a more rationally organised berth area of the fishing fleet. Thanks to these new works, an additional berth has been gained in the port.

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At the same time, the Port Authority has started a programme of infrastructural works aimed at offering better operative conditions to the institutional bodies in charge of security controls within the port (Customs, Harbour-Office, Revenue Guard Corps, State Policem and etc.).

Until today, several buildings have been completed and delivered for surveillance activities at the gates, on the mooring places of the "Motorways of the Sea" as well as for those activities connected to the scanner system used for controls of trucks and containers.

Before of the lighting system in the Port is being completed, the Port Authority has carried out various works for the increasing of the existing network, in order to obtain immediate improvements of the security conditions inside the port.

The Port Authority is also working to these projects: reinforcement of quay walls, building of water and fire fighting system, building of a new quay wall upon the internal breakwater.

In 2005, the local administration has started the building of the new  of the port of Salerno, a very important architecture work, designed by the Anglo Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

In the meanwhile, the port Authority is still offering to passengers of the ferryboats belonging to the so-called “Sea Ways” lines reception facilities. These welcoming services can be found at the so-called "Punti Mare", two useful terminals located since 2002 on the Manfredi Pier and in the "Masuccio Salernitano" Marina.

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Salerno Port Authority is carrying out the Environmental Impact Analysis relevant to the change to the Port Master Plan adopted in 1998.