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The Port of Salerno Strategic Plan

Salerno commercial Port belongs to the 1st class, 2nd category of national maritime Ports (Interministerial Decree dated 22/07/1975).

The current Port Strategic Plan, worked out by the Public Works Office - Maritime Section was approved by the Public Works Superior Council, with vote no. 444 of 17/07/1974 and, afterwards by Interministerial Decree dated 10/12/1974 no. 3233.

The technical-functional adjustment of the works planned by the Port of Salerno Strategic Plan, approved by the Public Works Superior Council with vote no. 53 of 27/10/2010 and by Campania Region with Managerial Decree of acknowledgement no. 3 of 10/02/2011, is finalized to adequate Salerno harbor to the dimension standards of new generation ships which require up to 14 meters depths.

Compared to the current Port Strategic Plan, it includes the following works:

  • Port entrance widening;
  • Dredging of port seabed;
  • Trapezio Pier extension;
  • Manfredi Pier extension.

Adoption of the new Port Master Plan 2016

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Consultazione dei Soggetti Competenti in materia Ambientale (S.C.A.).

Pubblicazione del Rapporto Preliminare Ambientale ai sensi dell’art. 13 co. 1 del Dlgs 152/06 e ss. mm. e ii. della DGR Campania n. 203/’10.

Autorità Competente: Regione Campania.

Autorità Procedente: Autorità Portuale di Salerno.

C.U.P.: 7876

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The main ongoing works

Grande Progetto "Ports and Logistics. Salerno Port Integrated System"

The so called “Grande Progetto” (Main Project) of the Port of Salerno foresees the building of the following works:

  1. port entry basin enlargement, aimed at allowing the safe entrance and manoevring in the entry basin of ships. The work foresees the removal of the head of the inner breakwater (for 100 meters length) and the extension of the outer breakwater (for 200 meters length). The works will not only increase the dimensions of the port entry basin but will also improve the safety conditions and usability of the port as far as waves are concerned. 
  2. consolidation of West Trapezio Pier (380 meters length) and Trapezio Pier head (100 meters length), either to complete the quays functional adjustement under the structural point of view, in order to absorb the damages deriving by greater accidental overloads, according to what prescribed by the current law or to allow the seabed deepening, through dredging activities, to a greater depth than the current quay walls base quote; all this, similar to and in continuation with what already built for the Manfredi Pier head; (CARRIED OUT WORK)
  3. seabed dredging, is an unavoidable activity aimed at allowing the safe entrance and manoevring of new generation cargo vessels, which need up to 14 meters depth; the project foresees either the deepening of the present port seabed from the quote of - 10/- 13,4 meters, according to the port zoning and referred to the medium level of law sigizial tides, or the dredging of the port entry channel up to the batimetry of - 17 meters.
  4. The “Grande Progetto” is financed by 71.2 Million Euros of Regional funds (POR Campania FESR 2007 – 2013) and by 1.8 Million Euros of Salerno Port Authority funds.

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    Port of Salerno – road and rail connections – Urban area and transport system “SALERNO PORTA OVEST” (Salerno west gate)

    Planned and developed according to the Agreement between Salerno municipality and Salerno Port Authority signed on date 25/06/2004, the work “Salerno Porta Ovest” aims at the solution of traffic problems in the western part of the town, of great importance for both Institutions.

    The project was worked out by the Group RTP Pica Ciamarra Associati, winner of the International Competition of Ideas called “Urban area and trasport system “SALERNO PORTA OVEST”, held in 2006 by the two promoter Institutions with the purpose of adapting and strengthening the road network between the motorways and the port and improving the efficiency of the city west gate, as an overland way in.

    The achievement of a more efficient, functional and safe connection of the Port with the A3 Motorway, mainly in tunnel, separate from the connection of the upper part of the old town and the Amalfi Coast, implies a higher competitiveness of the whole logistic system all around the Port of Salerno since, apart from granting lower journey times, also grants a strong reduction of congestion and can create new opportunities for the social-economical development of the area. Thanks to the improving of the port accessibility, public and private operators can invest in the development of dry ports, currently not fully utilized, and/or in the creation of new logistic nodes also in the neighboring towns.

    The full use of dry ports will allow to have very wide spaces, well linked to the road and rail networks, where not only the storage and handling of goods take place, but also manufacturer activities of raw materials and semifinished products, thus strengthening the Port of Salerno strategic role as a Mediterranean logistic platform.

    The work "Salerno Porta Ovest" moreover will allow the urban and environmental requalification of the town road system, the solution of some critical aspects and the achievement of all works with no interruption in the management of the existing infrastructures, with huge benefits for:

  • congestion reduction;
  • more liveability for the city of Salerno;
  • environmental impact mitigation and more security.

The first part for a total amount of 147.9 Million Euros is included in the works planned by the so called PON Reti e Mobilità 2007-2013 by 49.7 Million Euros (National Operating Program Networks and Mobility 2007-2013), PON Infrastrutture e Reti 2014 - 2020 by 65.4 Million Euros, PAC by 30.3 Million Euros and L. 443/2001 by 2.5 Million Euros.


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Adaptation and upgrading of the water and fire - fighting system

Work of Adaptation and upgrading of the water and fire - fighting system are actually actioning.

The water system will be interconnected to the municipal water network by two links one along via Ligea and the other along the Molo Manfredi) with the possibility of interoperability for interconnection purposes.

Water network has the main function of distributing the water extracted from the city aqueduct to all the utilities “to sea”.

From an implementation point of view, the implementation of meshed networks has required the construction of a series of wells of special sector nodes of the branches of the network.

For the purposes of their management, the networks will be equipped with a telecontrol infrastructure that will monitor the operation and measure and bill the water supplied.

The intervention will adapt the Port of Salerno to the operating standards of these types of plants.

The firefighting system has the fundamental function of increasing the overall level of security of the port facility and is capable of efficiently and effectively serving the entire port area, including all concession areas and expansion areas of the Port area according to the development forecasts of the Port Authority of Salerno.

The total estimated expense of the work is of € 5,8 milion, funded by national funds (L. 84/94 art. 6, L. 296/2006 c.994 and L. 413/98L. 296/2006 art. 1 c. 983).

The work is expected to be finished by 2017.

Extension of the cliff to protect the basin of S. Teresa

On 06/10/2011 Salerno Port Authority and the Municipality of Salerno signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the "Reconstruction and Security of the Area of St. Teresa".

The objective is the creation of a series of works, aimed at the improvement of the public domain areas of S. Teresa, both on land and at sea, and the subsequent full use of its public Sea (pleasure, navigation, tourism, etc.).

The project provides the extension of the breakwater’s cliff to protect the water mirror. There will be a modification of the existing cliff of 145 m long, rooted at the angle between the two sides of the sea of Piazza della Libertà, through the realization of an extension of the cliff about 115 meters, adopting a final "elbow" configuration, with alignment towards the inside of the existing basin.

In particular, the extension of the cliff is separate in two different stretches, the first (about 65 meters) is in extension of the existing one, then semi-circular, and the second (about 50 meters) rotated about 65 °compared to the previous.<7p>

The work will be endowed with definitive green light signal about seven meters high according to, according to the Navy (separate section of Marifari of Naples). The light will be powered through a special solar panel.

The total planned, budget for the work, is expected to be € 1,75 million, nationally financed (Act No 413/98).

In recent years, Salerno Port Authority has already done other works to improve the safety of the basin and the mooring conditions in St. Teresa. In fact, a cliff of 120 m was made in 2009 for an amount of 1,8 million euro and in 2011 reconstruction work and realignment of the existing cliff, was done for an amount of 0,9 Millions of euros.

Urgent work of leveling of the seabed of the Port of Salerno

Pending the realization of the dredging operation to be carried out with the POR funds, at the request of the port operators presented in April 201t, Salerno Port Authority has activated the procedures for the implementation of an urgent work of reshaping of the backdrops, with displacement of sediments accumulated in the port area.

The total estimated expense of the work is of € 1,100,000.00, funded by L. 296/2006 art. 1 c. 983.

Security Infrastructure

The procedure is in progress, it provides for the supply and installation of the following security infrastructure in according to PSP (Port Security Plan):

  • Implementation of the operations center of security (already implemented);
  • TVCC plant;
  • access control;
  • various equipment;

The total estimated expense of the work is of € 4,518,360.00, funded by L. 413/98 (Security) and L. 296/06 c. 983.

Formal and functional reorganization of the Manfredi Pier

The intervention concern the urban restyling of the Manfredi Pier entrance, the area in front of the Marine Station, the quay where is the Marine Terminal, the old and new extension of Manfredi Pier.

The functional redesign of the Manfredi Pier is part of the more articulated program of modernization of the Port of Salerno and the urban redevelopement of the Salerno waterfront. The quay of the Manfredi Pier will be dedicated, in particular, to the reception of cruise ships and to the ancillary and complementary services to those offered by the Maritime.

Salerno Port Autorithy has provided for the performance of all procedures for the final design and capturing urban and environmental opinions.

The Regional Board of public works forCampania,Molise,Puglia andBasilicata (department of Naples) has assigned at the next executive phase design and is in progress the procedure of award works contracts.

The total estimated expense of the work is of € 7.000.000,00, funded by CIPE founds – Contracting authority to public works.