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Association of Italian Sea Ports (Assoporti)

AssoportiThe Italian Sea Ports Association includes all Port Authorities established according to the national Law 84/94, Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture where there are ports with their specific enterprises; the Italian Association of Chambers of Commerce I.A.A. (Unioncamere); and some voluntary sea-port associations. Assoporti represents more than 30 national ports including the greatest sea docks managed by the Port Authorities.

Assoporti aims at contributing to the establishment of an organic port community and to promote sea-port policies as part of both national and international economy; Assoporti also represents and supports associated ports in the Parliament, public Authorities and European Union Bodies; it promotes possible solutions to matters of general interest raised by its associated members; Assoporti represents the Port Authorities and it establishes and manages relationship with the Industrial Union as well as with  national and international organizations involved into the maritime sector.

Assoporti provides strategic and up-to-date information in maritime policies to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, to the other relevant Ministries and to the European Union. Furthermore, Assoporti plays its political role during relevant public, national and international events by highlighting and promoting the importance of national ports for both Italian and European Community economy.

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Med Ports Community

MPCSince 2003 Salerno Port Authority is member of the association Med Ports Community, it is made up of six Mediterranean ports: Livorno, Salerno and Levante Port Authority (Italy); Cartagena and Tarragona (Spain) and Sète (France).

Med Ports Community aims are:

  • to develop the cooperation between several calls that border the Mediterranean Sea, both commercially and to realize studies and integration  projects for the intermodal transport network;
  • to develop the maritime links between the associated ports, optimizing the current traffic and promoting new ones.

Among the future plans, the EEIG Med Ports Community aims at organizing trade missions with Ports of Turkey, Egypt and Libya, involving logistics operators, hauliers and government officials.


Permanent International Association of Navigation Congress (PIANC)

aipcnPIANC is a technical and scientific organization of private individuals, students,   corporations (Port Authorities, University, Public Bodies, Private Companies, Professional Offices) and national governments belonging to 34 countries.

PIANC’s objective is to promote both inland and maritime navigation by fostering progress in the planning design, construction, management and maintenance of navigable ways, ports, coastal areas and infrastructures, with particular attention to the environment, both in industrialized and industrializing countries. Fishery, sporting and pleasure boating are included in PIANC’s activities.

PIANC was founded in 1885 in Bruxelles where it still resides. PIANC is managed by the Permanent International Committee, set up by the permanent representatives of the associated countries.

The whole of the representatives of the government, individual partners, students, corporations of each country set up the National Section. The Italian Government joined to PIANC in 1902. The Italian Section has about 320 memberships; it resides in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and it is part of the Public Works Governing Council.

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