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Year 2009

Porto Salerno I receive from my predecessor, Hon. Fulvio Bonavitacola, an important inheritance represented by the very good work carried out over the years of his management of the Port of Salerno. The Port of Salerno plays a fundamental role in the development of commercial exchanges and of the system of transport in the whole central and southern Italy. With 10 millions of tons moved each year, the Port of Salerno is considered one of the most efficient and dynamic ports in Europe.

Such success is due to the professional abilities of enterprises and workers of this Port, to the constant harmony and social peace atmosphere which all the institutions have created by working with strong commitment and reciprocal collaboration.

Salerno is the fifth regional port as regards the movement of containers and it is used by some of the main shipping companies in the world. As regards other good categories (for ex. new produced cars) Salerno represents the only import-export terminal in southern Italy. Over the last years the new services of the "Motorways of the Sea" have been launched, they have been much appreciated, so that the Port of Salerno has become one of the main Italian terminals. Today Salerno is very well connected, by regular services, with Messina, Cagliari, Valencia, Palermo, Malta, Tunis and Tripoli.

I am aware of the big responsibility that my appointment implies, of the importance of fully enhancing the huge potentials of this port, which is bound to become more and more a point of reference in the Mediterranean, not only as regards trade but also as regards tourism. Salerno, situated in the middle of an area wiche is extremely interesting for its archaelogical heritage and landscape (let us remember Pompei, Paestum, and the coasts of Amalfi and Cilento), represents a priviliged destination of cruise routes, since it can give hospitality, by its maritime station, to tens of big ships each years.

In order to consolidate and develop the activities of this Port, Salerno Port Authority is hardly working for the building of infrastructures, the dredging of the seabed and the building of road connections which are considered to be necessary for suiting this Port to the increasing demand of the international sea transport. To keep the competitiveness of this Port at a high level is a challenge which must be accepted day by day, in order to offer both the sectors of tourism and commerce the best economic opportunities in one of the most beautiful and interesting areas in the world.

Lawyer Andrea Annunziata
President of Salerno Port Authority