Autorità Portuale di Salerno

Territorial office of Salerno

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How to reach the Manfredi Pier


How to reach the “Masuccio Salernitano” Port


Salerno infrastructural facilities reserved to the pleasure boating are distributed at the moment in the commercial port and in the "Masuccio Salernitano" Port. They allow a capacity of 2,140 berths; all the berths are distributed in the following way:

  • Commercial Port
    The inside practicable port comprises about 1,440 mooring places:
    • 1,120 among the fishermen beach, the Manfredi Pier and within the area outlined by the Manfredi Pier extension;
    • the outside practicable port comprises 320 mooring places along the Manfredi Pier extension;
  • S. Teresa Beach
    During the summer time, about 190 boats, moor at installed wharves by shipyards within the area facing the beach;
  • Lungomare Trieste (within the competence of the municipal Administration)
    In this area, there are only seasonal mooring places and small boats, about 120, and they are moored at floating wharves facing Lungomare Trieste;
  • "Masuccio Salernitano" Port
    The "Masuccio Salernitano" Port comprises about 450 mooring places; it stretches along the area facing the Concordia Square, half a mile to the east of the commercial Port.

Planned Projects at Port of "Masuccio Salernitano"

A specialized technician was appointed by Salerno Port Authority for the characterization phenomenon of wave agitation inside the Port of "Masuccio Salernitano" to reduce the phenomenon and limit the overflow of the sea on the quays of the overflow and shore, during the storms.

An optimal configuration, emerged from this study, foresees the realization of the following interventions:

  1. modification of the entrance, through the construction of a brush, with a groyne of 45 m, rooted to the inner side of the overflow dock near the head, in order to reduce the wave energy entering the port basin.
    The total cost of the intervention is 750,000 euros, which is expected to be financed with funds from the Authority and funds L. 296/2006 art. 1 c. 983.

  2. adaptation of the shore quay, with a partially reflecting structure, with the demolition and reconstruction of the upper part of the quay, in reinforced concrete, extended to the stretch of the existing road network.
    The reconstruction of the upper part of the quay would involve the construction of reinforced concrete caissons, which will be partially filled by rocks, in order to produce a dissipating effect of the impacting wave motion on the quay itself.
    The realization of this work also includes the adaptation of the entire square, behind the river bank, through:
    • the restoration of worn layers of bituminous pavements;
    • the construction of a surface water collection plant with attached at first rain pools;
    • the construction of a waste water collection plant produced by the infrastructures present in the area;
    • adjustment and upgrading of public lighting;
    • maintenance of horizontal and vertical signage.
    The estimated total cost of the intervention is 3 million euros, which is expected to be financed with funds L. 296/2006 art. 1 c. 983.

The planned marinas

The growing request for new mooring places coming from the pleasure boaters has given rise to expanding projects of current ports and the creation of new ones. This project includes the building of a big marina on the S.Teresa beach with about n. 612 mooring places, a new marina in the “Pastena” area with about n. 480 mooring places (n. 50 for fishing boats) in a sheet of water of about 64,500 sq.m; and a new marina called “Marina di Arechi” in the sheet of water of about 220,000 sq.m facing the Arechi Stadium with about n. 1,000 mooring places.

The “Masuccio Salernitano” Port expansion (new plan) has a particular importance with about n. 2,000 mooring places.

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In the future there will be about n. 4,000 mooring places including n. 100 for fishing boats, offering about 2,000 units more than today’s situation; the plan includes new and well-equipped structures and various services that a marina should have in order to increase both the pleasure boating and the tourism in town where the port is placed.

Visualize the “Agreement Protocol for the development and the rationalization of the tourist ports and the sea transport system in Salerno"