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for pleasure boats
"Masuccio Salernitano"
Slide and slipway
Refuse collection
Alimentary supply near the port
Water and electric power
Car parking
Reserve 10% moorings to unit in transit
Refuelling on the quay  
Lighting docks  
Telephone plugs and telephone box  
Outdoor laying up  
Hull repair  
Toilette and showers  
Indoor laying up, motor workshops,
electrical and electronic assistance
Guard service  
Sail repair  
Piloting and mooring  
Firefighting service  
Weather service  

The nautical charter

Since the summer of 2007, Salerno Port Authority has started a landing and mooring point for medium and large size charter boats and pleasure boats, calling at the port, in order to increase the "pleasure boat charter" sector.

It stretches along the outside practicable of the Manfredi Pier; it is 30 metres long and provides berths with water and electricity.

Furthermore, two little offices are placed on the “Punti Mare”, one on the Manfredi Pier and the other in the “Masuccio Salernitano” marina, to support the nautical charter and the pleasure boats calling at the ports.

The management of this interesting part of activities and the belonging structures has been committed to “Consorzio Salerno Charter” that joins the enterprises of Salerno operating in this field.

This is a further evidence of the thriving entrepreneur-class of Salerno and the increasing synergy between public and private enterprises in the nautical tourist sector.