Autorità Portuale di Salerno

Territorial office of Salerno

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General informations

  • Country: Italy
  • Location: Campania
  • City: Salerno
  • Population: 135,603
  • Area: 58.96
  • Position: Latitude 40° 39’ 52” North – Longitude 14° 44’ 41” East
  • Climate: mild climate, standard rainfall, no fog
  • Temperature: year average +20° C

The Port of Salerno is a pivotal point throughout Mediterranean area and, as result, it plays a strategic role in Italy’s maritime economy. It is linked up to Central and Southern Italy through an easy connection to the national motorway network. Furthermore, the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Ports can easily be reached by sea.

How to reach the Port - Via Ligea


How to reach the Manfredi Pier



The Port of Salerno is situated on the town border; it provides easy access to both the motorway network and the railway station.

The Port is very well linked up with the road – rail distribution hub of Nola – Marcianise and with Capodichino (Naples) and Salerno - Costa d'Amalfi Airports.

It is regularly and punctually linked up by a “feeder service” to the Mediterranean hub Ports, especially to Gioia Tauro and the north Tyrrhenian Ports with which it sets up a very efficient logistic network.

The viaduct is linked up to the port gates and it reaches the A3 motorway (Naples-Salerno-Reggio Calabria), the connecting motorway Salerno-Avellino that channels on the A16 motorway (Naples-Bari) with exits to Benevento and Foggia and the A30 motorway (it links up Salerno to Nola and Caserta, and then it joins the Naples-Rome motorway). Furthermore, a link road system (Salerno orbital road) avoids the town centre and it links Salerno motorway network with the municipal district of Pontecagnano, crossing the whole industrial area of Salerno.